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Traditional Finnish sauna cabin for a unique sauna experience

Traditional Finnish sauna cabin

Let yourself be seduced by a traditional and authentic sauna with a natural look. The Zen is a real eye-catcher with its natural Canadian spruce wood and its sophisticated features.

With single or double bench, depending on the model, it has overhead and under-bench lighting for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Its accessory set includes a bucket, a ladle, a thermometer and a hygrometer. To ensure an ideal temperature, it is equipped with a Harvia cooker and 20 k of lava stones.

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Steam Technology
The steam sauna takes us back to the deepest wellness traditions of the Nordic countries. It actually provides dry heat, the term "steam" refers to the heat that is created when water is added to the hot stones of the cooker. This heat rises rapidly and usually reaches 80°C. The body warms up, releases the tensions of the day and relaxes almost instantly.
Canadian Spruce
A top-of-the-range sauna involves a careful selection of wood species. In France Sauna sauna cabins, the spruce used combines elegance with properties that multiply the benefits and pleasures of your sessions, year after year.

The spruce we use to manufacture our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this highly aromatic species invites you to awaken all your olfactory senses. Spruce has a natural beauty and softness that is combined with its ability to withstand temperature variations, as well as its unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
Cooker and Stones Included
Installing a Zen sauna in your home is an option to rest easy knowing that your sauna is equipped with quality equipment such as a Harvia heater, renowned for its state-of-the-art design. The Zen sauna's stainless steel cooker, with a capacity of 3.5-6 kW, and lava stones are no exception. It heats the room optimally so that you can make the most of your relaxation session.
Double Height Bench with Light Underneath
The double height bench allows you to choose the temperature for each session. The lower one for your first session, then the higher bench for deep perspiration. The Sense is equipped with accompanying lights in the upper corners and under the bench for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
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