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Discover the benefits of a Steam Sauna

The steam sauna is a large wet room that uses steam to allow the body to sweat. With the help of the generator that is used, which is intended to heat the water in the steam, the steam sauna is humid.

One of the benefits of the steam room is how good the skin looks. The steam causes the pores to dilate and the skin to detoxify through perspiration, removing bacteria and dead skin cells. As a result, the skin is left well hydrated and free of impurities. In addition, prolonged use of the steam room makes the skin look younger and smoother.

The moist heat of the steam rooms helps to relax the muscles, so that tension and aches and pains are reduced.

The health benefits of a steam sauna are countless.
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Steam Saunas - France Sauna by Poolstar

Steam Saunas sense 3

Sense Steam Sauna

The Sense, a reflection of France Sauna’s know-how, brings together all the elements that help the spirit to escape and the body to relax.

Choose your Steam Sauna Model: 3 or 4 seats

Steam Saunas zen 2

Zen Steam Sauna

Let yourself be seduced by a traditional and authentic sauna with a natural look. The Zen sauna will seduce you with its natural Canadian spruce wood and its carefully selected features.

Choose your Steam Sauna Model: from 2 to 4 seats

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