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New generation of Dual Healthy Infrared

In need of relaxation and tranquillity? Nothing better than a sauna session to recharge your batteries.

With its Dual Healthy technology, the Spectra offers the two main infrared technologies for different benefits. Choose between Full Spectrum Quartz technology to soothe muscles and joints or Magnesium to promote sweating and stimulate blood circulation.

The Spectra, made from Canadian epicea, offers everything you need to make your session perfect. Outdoor lighting, sound, chromotherapy, sporty control panel,… so many details that make life easier and make this SPA the best seller in its three sizes.

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Dual Healthy Technology
The Dual Healthy sauna includes two types of infrared emitters, Magnesium and Full Spectrum Quartz, which are operated according to the desired results: one favours sweating and skin detoxification, the other muscle and joint relaxation. The heat in an infrared sauna is lower than that of a steam sauna; it is between 40°C and 60°C.
Canadian Spruce
A top-of-the-range sauna involves a careful selection of wood species. In France Sauna sauna cabins, the spruce used combines elegance with properties that multiply the benefits and pleasures of your sessions, year after year.

The spruce we use to manufacture our sauna cabins comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to its rare elegance, this highly aromatic species invites you to awaken all your olfactory senses. Spruce has a natural beauty and softness that is combined with its ability to withstand temperature variations, as well as its unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
Stereo / MP3 Audio System
For a complete relaxation experience, the Spectra infrared sauna is equipped with an audio system that includes both a radio and connections to play personalised MP3 music playlists (Aux, USB, memory card).
7-Colour Chromotherapy
The LED lighting inside the cabin and its seven-colour prism take up the codes of chromotherapy to offer you a complete psycho-corporal session.

The specific waves of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet act differently on the body through the skin, which is particularly sensitive to light energies to positively influence its state of well-being.
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