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Caldera Spas Caldera Spas ® brand hot tubs has been exceeding expectations every since 2007 as we earn TradeCertified™ recognition. By going above and beyond required standards, we’re serving you better by delivering a more enjoyable experience defined by quality craftsmanship and superior service. Fantasy Spas® Official Distributors in Spain For soothing relief and on-demand rejuvenation, nothing compares to the power of hydrotherapy. Lounging in warm, massaging water at home is part of a healthy lifestyle, and exactly why we’ve made it our mission to make hot tub ownership an affordable luxury for all.

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Pool Specialists since 1989 Driven by smart innovation, we’re committed to building the best product with the least environmental impact. With a strong focus on safety and easy maintenance, our team is proud to use the latest in pool technology to build eco-friendly pools and advanced filtration systems.


Discover the Benefits of a Sauna Sauna bathing is a fast, easy way to reduce stress and relax the entire body. Simple to use, sauna heat is dry and humidity-free, with temperatures between 70° and 100° Celsius or 158° and 212° Fahrenheit for powerful rejuvenation.

Swim Spas

Endless Pools® Official Distributors in Spain Ready to swim laps at home, or get fit with regular aquatic exercise? It’s easy with a fully adjustable, compact pool. Experience the convenience of a deep, wide current and invest in your health with temperature-controlled swimming on-demand. Easy to use and install, Endless Pools are versatile too, and can be used indoors and outdoors, year-round.

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A great pool deserves a great cover. We’re proud to offer a wide range of pool cover solutions that can easily adapt to any size or shape pool. Whether you need Floating, Fixed, Elevated, or Automatic Slat pool covers, we have you covered. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly pool cover specialists.

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Map of Almería

Directions from Almería to Pool Spas Nerja Ctra Malaga-Almeria km 290, Nerja 29780, Malaga (Spain)

About Almería Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almer%C3%ADa

Almería (UK: /ˌælməˈriːə/,[2] US also /ˌɑːl-/,[3][4] Spanish: [almeˈɾi.a]) is a city and municipality of Spain, located in Andalusia. It is the capital of the province of the same name. It lies on southeastern Iberia on the Mediterranean Sea. Caliph Abd al-Rahman III founded the city in 955.[5] The city grew wealthy during the Islamic era, becoming a world city throughout the 11th and 12th centuries.[6] It enjoyed an active port that traded silk, oil and raisins.[7] Being adjacent to a small desert, Almería has an exceptionally dry climate by European standards.

Main sights
The Alcazaba, a medieval fortress that was begun in the 10th century but destroyed by an earthquake in 1522. It includes a triple line of walls, a majestic keep and large gardens. It commands a city quarter with buildings dressed in pastel colors, of Muslim-age aspect. It is the second largest among the Muslim fortresses of Andalusia, after the Alhambra.[citation needed]

Almería air raid shelters, underground galleries for civilian protection during the Spanish Civil War, currently the longest in Europe open for tourists.

The Cathedral has a fortress-like appearance due to its towers, merlons and protected paths, created to defend it from Mediterranean pirates. Originally designated as a mosque, it was later converted into a Christian church, before being destroyed in the 1522 earthquake. In the 16th century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style, whilst keeping some of its defensive features.

Renaissance church of Santiago, built in 1533, with tower and portal decorated with reliefs.

Chanca, a group of houses carved into rocks.
Castle of San Cristobal, now in ruins. It is connected to the Alcazaba by a line of walls.
Museum of Almería. Includes findings from Prehistoric, Iberic, Roman, Greek ages and Muslim objects, mostly from the Alcazaba.
Paseo de Coches, a modern seaside promenade with gardens and palms.
Cable Inglés (English Pier), 1904 iron railway pier built to transfer iron ore, copper, and silver produced by British- and French-run mines in Granada from trains to waiting cargo ships.

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