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Curved to fit
The curved ladder makes getting in and out of the spa easy and safe. The curved edge conforms to the shape of your Freeflow Spas hot tub. The curved ladder is made from the same material as the spa to provide a durable step that matches the colour. Available in Sand and Taupe

Freeflow spas straght
Take a step towards relaxation! The straight ladder makes getting in and out of the spa safe and easy. The straight edge lines up perfectly with your Freeflow Spas hot tub.Available in Arena and Taupe

Freeflow Spas Snap
The Snap Step is an easy to assemble polymer ladder that fits both straight and round spas. The Snap Step fits both curved and straight spas and matches the colours of the Premier Series panels, available in Brown and Charcoal/grey.

Free flow Cool Spas
Cool Step features a fully insulated top step designed to keep drinks cool while enjoying the hot tub. You can also use it as storage space for towels, toys and more. Attach the lid and it’s the most functional ladder for easy access to your hot tub. Available in Sand and Taupe


Replacement cover for Fantasy SPAS®

A Fantasy Spa cover is designed for maximum energy efficiency. Its airtight seal insulates and retains heat, saving you money on operating costs. Our custom-fitted Fantasy covers are tapered to allow for water run-off and are made of durable, marine-grade vinyl. All Fantasy covers include child-resistant safety locks and incorporate the necessary mounting plates to attach our cover lift systems. Our covers also meet and exceed all ASTM safety standards for UL classification.

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